Tuesday, 27 June 2017

Universal Thread Moderation Service

modsmallAffordable, Rapid, Accurate

Universal back end Evaroc-owned datacube

Evaroc supplies server access

Multiple datacube users

Individualized secure, encrypted submissions and results almost instantly — in near real time

Bi-weekly datacube updates

Evaroc maintains the datacube and the software

Affordable pricing

When Should you use the Universal Thread Moderation Service?

  • You run a social media site, website or online publication that gets respectable but modest traffic and/or …  
  • You are a forum or message board with many users operated by a small group with limited financial resources and/or …
  • You don’t use moderators or can’t afford to hire as many as you need and/or ...
  • Moderation isn’t as accurate, rapid or objective as it should be and not all your material is being screened and/or …
  • Your social media site, website, on line publication, forum or message board allows for limited user commentary and/or …
  • You have a few low volume blogs and/or a relatively small number of emails need screening