Tuesday, 27 June 2017

Customer Operated Thread Moderation Service

modbigOur Bespoke Service

You own and operate the datacube and servers

Datacube custom-designed and built for your needs

Evaroc software maintenance if desired

Evaroc daily updates available

Submissions and results almost instantly — in near real time

Appropriate for high volume, high traffic online sites and publications or organizations with very specific needs.

When should you use the Customer Operated Thread Moderation Service? 
  •  Your social media site(s), Website(s) or online publication(s) have a huge number of users — anywhere from 800,000 to many million and/or …
  • You are a big organization whose forums, boards, websites, online publications receive enormous traffic and/or …
  • You are a service such as a medical insurer with specialized needs or a news organization that must accomodate a large audience and/or …
  • There are many comment areas or blogs and/or you use moderators but they aren’t as objective, accurate or able to moderate and screen material as rapidly as you would like.