Tuesday, 27 June 2017

Paul G Mariotti

Paul  G. Mariotti, B.Sc., Evaroc's Chief Technical Officer, brings a wealth of business and technical expertise to the company. His experience encompasses corporate management, software development, sales and e-business.
Mr. Mariotti has held both executive and line positions in industrial and consulting organizations. Beginning as a programmer, he has kept his skills current throughout his career. This combination gives him particular insight into the ways in which the Evaroc Semantic Engine can be both useful to and cost effective for companies of various sizes whether they are single office operations or multi-nationals.
Mr. Mariotti has spent considerable time developing and implementing business strategy execution architectures in a broad range of industries including but not limited to automotive, brewing, insurance, oil and retail banking. His efforts have extended to program management and business process redesign.
A believer in e-business, Mr. Mariotti has been involved in it since its inception. His earliest efforts involved applying CSC e-business approaches and strategies to companies throughout Europe.
Mr. Mariotti has been a Deputy Managing Director of Sopra International.  He was the E-Business Strategy Director for CSC Europe, the CSC Europe IT Director and CSC France Sales Director.  Earlier in his career, he was apartner at KPMG.