Tuesday, 27 June 2017

Judith F Feinleib

Judith F. Feinleib, Ph.D., Evaroc's Managing Director, specializes in strategy, process and communication issues particularly as these relate to the wired world of the 21st century. A non-technical person with extensive experience working with people in a wide variety of technical areas, Dr. Feinleib is an effective bridge between those who use technology and those who are responsible for it.
Dr. Feinleib has worked on a variety of methodologies designed for the on-line and virtual needs of today’s companies, small medium or large, local or international, one office or many. With Antony E. Larcombe, MBA, B.Sc., she developed the Process Gates Methodology and the Electronic Umbrella. Their efforts included creating and applying organizational symbiosis™ which melds people and technology seamlessly and, makes it possible for people to work together regardless of location.
Dr. Feinleib brings considerable international experience to Evaroc. She has been involved with companies of all sizes from start-ups to large established organizations in the US, Europe and Japan.
Prior to her involvement with Evaroc, Dr. Feinleib was a principal of The VPO Organizations, an enterprise specializing in the creation of organizational symbiosis and delivering search engine technology. She has also headed The Feinleib Group, an international management consulting firm, focusing on strategic planning particularly as it relates to trade and business issues in the global economy. Clients and client businesses came from a broad spectrum including information technology, medical electronics, and office equipment as well as from educational, financial and quasi-governmental institutions.