Tuesday, 27 June 2017

Jozef Tvarozek

Jozef Tvarozek, Ph.D., Evaroc's Chief Architect, specializes in the study of artificial intelligence and parallel and distributed algorithms. He has applied this expertise to the development of the Evaroc Datacube from its inception; algorithm design is a particular interest of his.
Dr. Tvarozek's Ph.D. studies also utilized this expertise. His dissertation explores the use of a collaborative learning system in which a socially intelligent tutoring agent assists students using pseudo-tutor assessments. The system allows for free-text answers, personalized question generation and adaptive question selection. Research is directed at assessing the ways in which: (1) having a computer as a friend can improve both motivation and learning; and (2) adding a socially intelligent tutoring companion affects students' in-class motivation and out-of-class use of the system.
Dr. Tvarozek has taught courses on robust and efficient algorithms. He has also been involved in cellular phone application development and the creation of web based systems.