Tuesday, 27 June 2017

Eamus Halpin

Eamus Halpin, ACCA, Advisor and Design Mentor, brings considerable experience with the nuts and bolts operations of technology organizations to Evaroc.  Operating in a consulting capacity, Mr. Halpin has undertaken projects involving strategic design and implementation, lean startup formation, cloud computing, data center design, business process creation and planning and software development; he has also been involved in raising development capital.   
Mr. Halpin has assisted large plcs obtain and optimize their market share.  He was the driving force behind 11 mergers and acquisitions occurring in a six year period and has helped businesses and their subsidiaries meet EBIT and EBITDA targets in challenging, intensely competitive markets. 
As CEO of Cantono plc, Mr. Halpin directed the provision of managed information technology (IT) services and hosting solutions in the United Kingdom.  He raised capital for iRevolution plc, which preceded Cantono, and, as its CEO, oversaw its development from a start-up to a small, vibrant organization.