Tuesday, 27 June 2017

Antony E. Larcombe

Antony E. Larcombe, MBA, B.Sc., an Evaroc founder and the Chairperson of the Board of Directors (non-Exec), has applied his technical expertise to such areas as search engines, network & infrastructure design, installation, and data migration and manipulation. Because his experience includes both senior management and hands-on roles in a wide variety of corporate settings, Mr. Larcombe is able to work within an corporate executive framework or with start-up organizations while, at the same time, he makes technology accessible to those who need it regardless of their background.
Mr. Larcombe is particularly interested in the needs of 21st century organizations which are increasingly dependent upon virtual and on-line technologies but are often not in a position to use them well. This has resulted in the development, with Judith F. Feinleib, Ph.D., of the Process Gates Methodology and the Electronic Umbrella.
In addition to having designed and built networks for major organizations operating in the United States and Europe, Mr. Larcombe has run an IT research facility for a pan-European business and IT consulting organization; the facility was responsible for ensuring the uniform use of electronic tools throughout all European offices. He has worked on search engine technologies as a principal of The VPO Organizations.
Mr. Larcombe served most recently as the CIO of The FiveTen Group, a global recruitment agency. He has also been the ICT director of HW Group PLC, CTO (EMEA) of TMP Worldwide, VP and CIO of iRevolution PLC., a director of Company 156.com, an organization which specializes in solving the most complex of IT problems, CIO of Careers After Sport, and a principal of The VPO Organizations.