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Today in History
On 27 June, 1909
Etten-Leur 1st airplane flight in Neth (Belg count De Lambert)

On 27 June, 1975
Geoffrey Ingram Taylor, English applied mathematician, died. Taylor's work is of the greatest importance to the mechanics of fluids and solids and to their application in meteorology, oceanography, aeronautics, metal physics, mechanical engineering and chemical engineering.

On 27 June, 1903
9th US Golf Open.

On 27 June, 1909
23rd US Womens Tennis

On 27 June, 1905
Russian sailors mutiny aboard battleship Potemkin.

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* * @subpackage languages * @copyright 2005 Konstantinos Kokkorogiannis All Rights Reserved * @author Konstantinos (koyan) Kokkorogiannis * @version 0.1 * @link http://www.dianthos.net & http://www.fisheye.gr/koyansblog */ /**#@+ * LANGUAGE MESSAGES FOR DEMOS */ define('_RR_RECIPES', 'Recipes'); // Recipe Display define('_RR_CREATED_BY', 'Adapted and tested by'); define('_RR_INTRO_HEADING', ''); define('_RR_INGREDIENTS', 'Ingredients'); define('_RR_STEPS', 'Methods/steps'); define('_RR_COMMENT_TITLE', 'Notes'); define('_RR_REVIEWS', 'Reviews'); define('_RR_RATE', 'Rate this recipe'); define('_RR_MAKES', 'Makes'); define('_RR_SERVES', 'Serves'); define('_RR_USER_RATING', 'Average user rating'); define('_RR_USERS_VOTED', 'Users Voted'); define('_RR_COMMENT_BY', 'Commment by'); define('_RR_NOT_AVAILABLE', 'Sorry, this recipe is not available'); define('_RR_PRINTER_FRIENDLY_PAGE_TITLE', 'Recipe from the Cook to be Healthy website'); define('_RR_PRINTING_FOOTER', 'Recipe from the Cook to be Healthy website'); define('_RR_ONLY_REGISTERED', 'Only subscription users can see the steps and instructions of this recipe'); define('_RR_ONLY_LIBRARY', 'You will need to store this recipe in your personal library in order to see all its steps and instructions'); define('_RR_EXCEEDED_FAVOURITES', 'You have already stored in your personal library the maximum amount of recipes allowed by your subscription plan.
You may want to choose a subscription plan that allows for more recipes to be stored in your personal library
or you may want to ask the site administrator to delete some of your recipes.'); // INFO define('_RR_INFOMAINTITLE', 'At a glance'); // Favourites define('_RR_ADDED_TO_FAVOURITES', 'The recipe has been added to your personal library'); define('_RR_YOU_HAVE_TO_REGISTER_FOR_FAVOURITES', 'You have to be a subscriber to have your own favourites'); define('_RR_NO_FAVOURITES_FOR_USER', 'You have no recipes in your personal library'); define('_RR_REMOVE_FROM_FAVOURITES', 'Remove from personal library'); define('_RR_REMOVED_FROM_FAVOURITES', 'Recipe removed from personal library'); //Listings define('_RR_ALLRECIPES', 'All Recipes in all subcategories'); define('_RR_LISTING', 'Subcategories and recipes'); define('_RR_SUBCATEGORIES', 'Subcategories'); define('_RR_RECIPES', 'Recipes'); define('_RR_CATEGORIES', 'Categories'); //Featured define('_RR_FEATURED_RECIPE_RANDOM_EACH_TIME', 'Your lucky recipe'); define('_RR_FEATURED_RECIPE_RANDOM_EACH_DAY', 'Recipe of the Day'); define('_RR_FEATURED_RECIPE_RANDOM_EACH_WEEK', 'Recipe of the Week'); define('_RR_FEATURED_RECIPE_MANUAL', 'Featured Recipe'); //Search Recipes define('_RR_SEARCH_RECIPES', 'Search Recipes'); define('_RR_SEARCH_BY_CATEGORIES', 'Select Categories for combined recipe search'); define('_RR_SEARCH_RESULTS', 'Search Results'); define('_RR_SEARCH_NO_RESULTS', 'There are no recipes with the criteria you specified'); define('_RR_SEARCH_NO_CRITERIA', 'Please give some criteria for your search'); define('_RR_SEARCH_YOUR_CRITERIA', 'You searched for recipes with the criteria:'); // Recipes Menu define('_RR_FAVOURITES', 'My personal library'); define('_RR_ADD_TO_FAVOURITES', 'Add to personal library'); define('_RR_EMAIL_RECIPE', 'Email this recipe'); define('_RR_PRINT_RECIPE', 'Print this recipe'); // Add Edit Recipe define('_RR_ADD_RECIPE', 'Add recipe'); define('_RR_EDIT_RECIPE', 'Edit recipe'); define('_RR_ADD_INTRO', 'Once you have submitted your recipe, it will have to be approved by our Chef Recipe Editor, the Chef will ensure that we are not using items unsuited for our general audience, once edited and approved you can stop by and add it to your recipe box and share it with your friends.'); define('_RR_ADD_TITLE', 'Insert a nice Title for your Recipe'); define('_RR_ADD_UPLOAD', 'Upload a Image for your Recipe'); define('_RR_ADD_DESCRIPTION', 'Insert a Description for your Recipe'); define('_RR_ADD_INGREDIENTS', 'Insert your Recipe Ingredients
Please be ad descriptive as possible; for example "1 cup fine diced onions"'); define('_RR_ADD_STEPS', 'Insert your Recipe Methods, you can add "1)-" before each step and it will allow the other uses to understand the steps to your recipe better.'); define('_RR_ADD_COMMENT', 'Additional Tips; Offer up any additional tips you think may be useful to the people that will be using your recipe.'); define('_RR_ADD_PORTIONS', 'Serves/Makes?'); define('_RR_ADD_SUBMIT', 'Submit the recipe'); define('_RR_ADD_NOTITLE', 'Please type a Title for you recipe'); define('_RR_ADD_NOINGREDIENTS', 'Please enter the ingredients of the recipe'); define('_RR_ADD_NOSTEPS', 'Please enter the methods of the recipe'); define('_RR_EDIT_NOWRITES', 'You can not edit this recipe. It is either added by an other user, or it is already authorised by an administrator.'); define('_RR_ADDEDIT_SUCCESS', 'Recipe successfully saved. You can see it by clicking the following link.'); define('_RR_ADD_HAVE_TO_LOGIN', 'You have to login in order to add recipes'); // Rate Recipe define('_RR_YOU_HAVE_TO_REGISTER_TO_VOTE', 'You have to be registered to vote'); define('_RR_ALLREADY_VOTED', 'You have allready voted for this recipe'); define('_RR_REVIEWS_TITLE', 'Review and Rate this Recipe'); define('_RR_REVIEWS_INSTRUCTIONS', 'You can rate this recipe by giving it a score of one, two, three, or four forks, which will be averaged out with other users ratings. If you like, you can also share your specific comments, positive or negative - as well as any tips or substitutions - in the written review space.'); define('_RR_RATE_THIS_RECIPE', 'Rate this Recipe'); define('_RR_REVIEWS_INSTRUCTIONS_AFTER_VOTES', "One fork: Just so-so.
Two forks: Like it, don't love it.
Three forks: Delicious.
Four forks: A dish beyond compare
"); define('_RR_REVIEW_THIS_RECIPE', 'Finalize your review by adding your comments about this recipe here. Remeber to keep your comments constructive and "G" rated. Thank You'); define('_RR_SUBMIT_REVIEW', 'Submit the review'); define('_RR_REVIEWS_YOU_NEED_TO_VOTE', 'You need to vote for your review to be saved'); define('_RR_THANKS_FOR_VOTING', 'Thank you for voting and giving us your review'); define('_RR_COMMENT_BY', 'Review by'); //Email Send define('_RR_EMAIL_FROM_WEBSITE', 'From website'); define('_RR_EMAIL_ADMIN_SUBJECT', 'A New recipe has been added in your website, and awaits for approval'); define('_RR_EMAIL_USER_SUBJECT', 'Thank you for your recipe'); define('_RR_EMAIL_USER_BODY', 'Your recipe has been saved and awaits approval. Our administrators have been notified. You can see your recipe in the following link:'); define('_RR_EMAIL_ADMIN_COMMENT_SUBJECT', 'New Vote/Comment'); define('_RR_EMAIL_ADMIN_COMMENT_BODY', 'A vote just happened for the recipe:'); //Administration: Menu define('_RR_MENU_CATEGORY_MANAGER', 'Category Manager'); define('_RR_MENU_RECIPES_ADMINISTRATION', 'Recipes Administration'); define('_RR_MENU_GENERAL_CONFIGURATION', 'Component General Configuration'); define('_RR_MENU_LANG_MANAGER', 'Recipes Languages File Manager'); //Administration: Edit Language File define('_RR_LANG_WARNING', ' Be very carefull when you edit the language file.
Do not remove any existing single or double quotes ( ' . "'" . ' or " ) and do not add any of your own unless you know exactly what you are doing.
Failing to do so will result in the file not to work and you will get errors in your application'); define('_RR_LANG_EDITOR', 'Rapid Recipe Language Editor'); define('_RR_HEAD_LANG_MANAGER', 'Rapid Recipes Languages File Manager'); define('_RR_HEAD_LANG_NAME', 'Language File Name'); define('_RR_LANGFILE_WARNING', 'We could not open the file.
Please download it with an ftp client and edit it manually
Path to download it from:'); //Administration: Trash Manager define('_RR_TRASH_MANAGER', 'Recipes Trash Manager'); define('_RR_TRASH_REC_NAME', 'Recipe Name'); define('_RR_TRASH_NO_TRASH', 'There are no recipes in your trash'); //Administration: Configuration define('_RR_CONF_REC', 'Rapid Recipe Configuration'); define('_RR_CONF_ADM', 'Administrator (user where email notifications go to): '); define('_RR_CONF_IMAGE_WIDTH', 'Recipe Display Image Width: '); define('_RR_CONF_STEP_IMAGE_WIDTH', 'Step Image Width:'); define('_RR_CONF_AUTHOR_APPEAR', 'Author name appears in info box (if you answer no, it will appear under the name of the recipe): '); define('_RR_CONF_NAVIGATION', 'Navigation Module In Recipe Display Page:'); define('_RR_CONF_BACKBUTTON', 'Back Button: '); define('_CMN_USE_GLOBAL', 'Use Global'); define('_RR_CONF_CAT_IMAGE_WIDTH', 'Category Listing Image Width: '); define('_RR_CONF_CAT_LOGO', 'In categories page, do you want the site logo to appear always (the category image will appear if you select "No"): '); define('_RR_CONF_PAGES', 'The category pages top image width '); define('_RR_CONF_NR_REC', 'Number Of Recipes Per Category Page'); define('_RR_CONF_NAV_POSITION', 'Navigation Module In Category Page: '); define('_RR_CONF_LOGO_IMAGE', 'Logo Image (selects an image from the directory '); define('_RR_CONF_VOTES', 'Votes'); define('_RR_CONF_VOTE_NR', 'Number of Maximum Votes: '); define('_RR_CONF_VOTE_IMAGE', 'Votes Image: '); define('_RR_CONF_FEATURED', 'Featured'); define('_RR_CONF_FEATURE_HOME', 'Featured Recipe Module In First Page: '); define('_RR_CONF_FEATURE_WAY', 'Featured Recipe Selection Way: '); define('_RR_CONF_FEATURE_TYPE_RANDOM', 'Random at each request of page '); define('_RR_CONF_FEATURE_TYPE_DAY', 'Random, changing once per day '); define('_RR_CONF_FEATURE_TYPE_WEEK', 'Random, changing once per week '); define('_RR_CONF_FEATURE_TYPE_MANUAL', 'Manually (set by administrator) '); define('_RR_CONF_HIDE_FROM_UNREGISTERED', 'Hide instructions from unregistered users'); //Administration: Recipes define('_RR_RECIPE', 'Recipe'); define('_RR_RECIPE_DETAILS', 'Recipe Details'); define('_RR_RECIPE_TITLE', 'Recipe Title:'); define('_RR_RECIPE_YIELD', 'Serves/Makes:'); define('_RR_DESCRIPTION', 'Description:'); define('_RR_RECIPE_COMMENT', 'Recipe Comment:'); define('_RR_RECIPE_IMAGE', 'Recipe Image:'); define('_RR_RECIPE_MANAGER', 'Recipes Manager'); define('_RR_RECIPE_RECORD', 'records'); define('_RR_SHOW_ALL', 'Show All'); define('_RR_SHOW_UNPUBLISHED', 'Show Only Unpublished'); define('_RR_FEATURE_RECIPE', 'Featured Recipe'); define('_RR_RECIPE_ID', 'Recipe ID'); define('_RR_SEARCH_CATEGORY', 'search by Category'); define('_RR_SELECT_CATEGORY', 'Select Categories for this recipe'); define('_RR_HIDE_FROM_UNREGISTERED', 'Hide instructions'); //Administration: Comments define('_RR_COMMENT_TEXT', 'Comment Text'); define('_RR_USER_REVIEW', 'User Review:'); //Administration: Steps define('_RR_STEP_DESCRIPTION', 'Step Description'); define('_RR_STEP_ID', 'Step ID'); define('_RR_NEW_ORDERING', 'the new ordering is '); define('_RR_STEP_ADDED', 'Step added to the database'); define('_RR_RECIPE_STEP', 'Recipes Step:'); define('_RR_STEP_DETAILS', 'Step Details'); define('_RR_STEP_IMAGE', 'Step Image:'); //Administration: Categories define('_RR_CATEGORY_MANAGER', 'Recipes Category Manager'); define('_RR_CAT_TOPLEVEL', '- Top Level -'); define('_RR_CAT_FRONTPAGE', '- Front Page -'); define('_RR_SUBCATEGORIES', 'Subcategories'); define('_RR_CATEGORY_NAME', 'Category Name'); define('_RR_CATEGORY_ID', 'Category ID'); define('_RR_CATEGORY_TREE', 'Categories Tree'); define('_RR_RECIPE_CATEGORY', 'Recipes Category:'); define('_RR_CATEGORY_DETAILS', 'Category Details:'); define('_RR_CATEGORY_TITLE', 'Category Title:'); define('_RR_PARENT_CATEGORY', 'Parent Category:'); define('_RR_CAT_NAV_APPEAR', 'Appears in Navigation Module:'); define('_RR_CAT_GLANCE_APPEAR', 'Appears in "At a glance" box:'); define('_RR_CAT_HOME_APPEAR', 'Appears in Front Page:'); define('_RR_CATEGORY_IMAGE', 'Category Image:'); define('_RR_CATEGORY_MAIN_ORDER', 'Category order:'); define('_RR_CATEGORY_SECONDARY_ORDER', 'Category group:'); //Administration: General Messages define('_RR_CHANGES_COMMITED', 'Your changes have been commited '); define('_RR_SELECT_TITLE', 'Please select a Title'); define('_RR_SELECT_DESCRIPTION', 'Please select a Description'); define('_RR_UPLOAD_EXISTING_FAILED', 'Upload FAILED. File allready exists'); define('_RR_IMAGE_TYPES', 'Only files of type gif, png, jpg, bmp, pdf, swf, doc, xls or ppt can be uploaded'); define('_RR_UPLOAD_FAILED', 'Upload FAILED'); define('_RR_CATEGORY', 'Category'); define('_RR_ADDED_DATABASE', 'added to the database'); define('_RR_CANNOT_REMOVE', 'cannot be removed as it contains subcategories'); define('_RR_REMOVE_REVIEW', 'The review has been removed'); define('_RR_REMOVE_STEP', 'The step has been removed'); define('_RR_SELECT_IMAGE', 'Select Image from media manager'); define('_RR_UPLOAD_IMAGE', 'Or upload a new image'); define('_RR_IMAGE_SAVE_LOCATION', '(the image will be saved in the folder'); define('_RR_IMAGE_MAXSIZE', 'Max size = 16M '); //Administration: buttons define('_RR_UPLOAD_BUTTON', 'Upload '); define('_RR_CHOOSE_BUTTON', 'Choose'); define('_RR_NOIMAGE_BUTTON', 'Use No Image'); define('_RR_PREVIEW_BUTTON', 'Preview'); /**#@-*/ ?>
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